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You’ve found the best source for the information, tools, and products you need to overcome issues with potty training, bedwetting, enuresis, encopresis, and incontinence. Designed and developed by pediatric urology specialists, the information provided here is comprehensive and reliable. Our products are designed by a pediatric urologist and proven effective at training for toilet use and curing bedwetting. We also offer products designed for the care, comfort, health, and unique needs of both children and adults, including senior adults, those with Autism, ADD/ADHD, and hearing and visually impaired people of all ages.

Client Testimonials

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I bought this for a child with apraxia. Because of motor planning and processing, potty training was delayed. We got him the potty monkey and something clicked in his beautiful mind. He was potty trained!! It worked! I hope it helps others.


March 2019

This was an awesome tool to use while potty training our child. You have a couple settings of when the monkey says it is time to use the potty. We used that opportunity as a game and would race to the potty. We made sure that the monkey’s toilet was near our toilet. The monkey would be placed on the potty to reset and say praises. While the monkey was taking about praises, our child would be taking their turn. Our child (loved) their potty book as well. The parent guide also gave helpful tips. I would highly recommend using this tool for potty training.

Denise Rhodes

July 2018

Worked like a charm! I ordered this after my child’s pediatrician recommended one for my daughter’s bed wetting issue. The first 2 months we spent training with the help of the alarm, she went from wetting every night to gradually increasing the number of dry nights in between accidents. I made sure she woke up and went immediately to the bathroom everytime the alarm went off, the first 2 weeks were pretty rough but she’s been dry every night for about 3 months now! I will say that the alarm isn’t super loud, so you may not hear it if your child’s room is too far away.


April 2019

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