Potty Training

Potty Training products including Potty Monkey interactive system, Potty Monkey Watch talking countdown timer alarm watch, and WobL watch vibrating alarm/countdown watch.

Don’t let the thought of potty training overwhelm you!

Potty Training is one of the toughest challenges parents face. If you are relaxed about it, it’s very likely your child will be, too. The Potty University is dedicated to helping with the successful transition from diapers to potty trained and beyond.

Do a little research and you’ll soon understand that there is no one perfect way to potty train – every child, every family, must determine the method that will work best for their situation and dynamic. You might need to try a couple of different techniques before you see results. What matters most is developing healthy bathroom habits that will serve your child well throughout his or her life. Don’t get discouraged. And remember, potty training is a team sport! Everyone in the family should be on the team with encouragement, modeling good habits, and celebrating success with the one being trained.

When to start depends on your child’s development; start too early and you’ll both likely experience more frustration. When he or she is staying dry for two hours, can follow simple directions, communicates the need to eliminate, or seems interested in the toilet, it might be time to begin training. Don’t forget to teach the basics, like pulling pants and underwear down and back up. And of course, there will be accidents – expect them, don’t fret, stay calm and be prepared with fresh clothing. If your child isn’t getting it within a few weeks, it may be a little early yet. Take a break and then try again – consistency is the key. A regular schedule of sitting on the potty helps train your child to know when and what to do.

In addition to having their own potty or potty seat, there are other products that help when it’s time for potty training.

Designed and developed by a board-certified pediatric urologist, we offer products for potty training that are effective and deliver mom-approved results!

It’s time to go potty. Let’s go potty!

Potty Monkey

Boys and girls are excited to learn about toilet training with Potty Monkey and the Potty Monkey Watch. With the included reward chart and stickers and lots of encouragement, you and your family will have potty training success. The interactive Potty Monkey system includes a plush, talking, singing monkey and flushing-sounds toilet. It’s designed to take the pressure off Mom and Dad by letting Potty Monkey remind your little one in a fun way when it’s time to “go” throughout the day. Set his timer for audible reminders every 30 or 90 minutes. When placed on his toilet, Potty Monkey says and sings encouraging messages. Add a Potty Monkey countdown timer watch for additional help with the process – set it for reminder messages every 10 to 120 minutes, especially useful when your child is on the move during the day.

Potty Monkey, your child’s potty training pal, comes with a board book for children and a complete potty training guide for Mom and Dad, written by a board-certified pediatric urologist. Learn about the process and choose the training method that will work best for your family. Be sure to look for the Potty Monkey channel on YouTube – or watch his story below!

I wish Potty Monkey had been around when I was training my kids! I’m planning to get him for my grandchildren for sure.    ~Janet L.

WobL Watch

Another useful tool for potty training and more is the WobL vibrating reminder watch – it’s a full-featured time-and-date watch with 8 unique alarms, a repeating countdown timer and alarm, audible and/or vibration alarm settings, and other features. We recommend using the countdown timer during the day for regular reminders to take a bathroom break. Teachers enjoy it when children use a reminder watch – fewer classroom accidents to manage. The WobL watch is a great accessory for adults, too – use the 8 alarms to set appointment or medication reminders, or as a wake-up alarm. The world’s smallest vibrating watch, the vibration setting is great for meetings – you’re the only one alerted. Customers have reported success using the WobL’s features with those who have Autism, ADD/ADHD, and the hearing and vision impaired. The WobL comes in four color choices – black, blue, purple, or pink.

Potty training can be more easily achieved when the time is right for your child if you incorporate these recommended products into your routine.

Watch “Monkey Learns to Potty!” with your little one: